Tip for Repairing Damaged Porch Railing – Today’s Homeowner

Tip for Repairing Damaged Porch Railing
Here's a simple way to repair a damaged wood porch rail using a couple of plywood forms, clamps, and some auto body filler.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bit Kit – Today’s Homeowner

bit set
The Milwaukee Shockwave bit set features a shock zone on each tip to provide up to 30 times longer life and absorb three times more torque versus other impact bits. It is available at The Home Depot.

Repurposing Furniture as a Potting Bench – Today’s Homeowner

potting bench
Recycling an old piece of furniture is a great way to create a potting bench because it is often less expensive and requires less work than starting from scratch. Here's how we converted an entertainment center into a potting bench for the garden.

Fall Into the 4 Seasons Checklist – Today’s Homeowner

Fall Into the 4 Seasons Checklist
We revisited the 4 Seasons of Homeownership as we took on the fall checklist with first-time homeowners Mike and Nicole Dumas, including installing gutters and downspouts and weatherizing their home for cooler weather ahead.

How to Build a Sag-Free Gate With a Gate Kit – Today’s Homeowner

Gate kit
With Homax EasyGate No-Sag Gate kit you can easily fix or build a sag-free gate, while adding style to your outside décor.

Tip for Keeping Grocery Bags From Spilling in Trunk – Today’s Homeowner

Tip for Keeping Grocery Bags From Spilling in Trunk
Here's a tip for keeping groceries from spilling all over the trunk using a rope and carabiners.

Diablo Carbide-Tipped Hole Saw – Today’s Homeowner

hole saw
This carbide-tipped hole saw from Diablo is tough enough to cut through wood and metal, and delivers 20 times longer cutting life and faster performance. It is available at The Home Depot.

Preparing for Fall with Our 4 Seasons Checklist – Today’s Homeowner

installing insulation
We start checking off some items on our 4 Seasons of Home Ownership fall to-do list by tackling some simple and inexpensive weatherization chores, adding insulation, and freshening the interior paint.

Clearing the Air with Spot and Whole-House Ventilation – Today’s Homeowner

Allen Lyle with an HE series ventilation system from Broan.
Watch the video to learn more about spot ventilation solutions, such as bath vent fans and kitchen range hoods; and whole-house ventilation systems, such as energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs).

How to Vent an Over-the-Range Microwave to the Outside – Today’s Homeowner

Venting an over-the-range microwave
Many times an over-the-range microwave that recirculates cooking fumes can be converted to exhaust to the outside. Here's how to go about it.