“Talk to Today’s Homeowner” Launching on Facebook Live – Today’s Homeowner

"Talk to Today's Homeowner" Launching on Facebook Live
Join us for our brand new “Talk to Today’s Homeowner” segments – LIVE on Facebook each Friday in January at noon CST.

Preparing Your Standby Generator for Severe Weather – Today’s Homeowner

Generac standby generator in yard next to house.
Be prepared for severe weather by ensuring your portable or standby generator is ready to go.

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding and Concrete Walkways – Today’s Homeowner

pressure washing
Chelsea Lipford Wolf and homeowner Allison Kelley use a Generac pressure washer to clean the Kelleys' home and sidewalks.

Using Fast-Setting Concrete for Curbing – Today’s Homeowner

Paver walkways and patios are popular DIY projects. Use fast-setting concrete for edging to contain the pavers along the perimeter.

Tips for Making Concrete Countertops – Today’s Homeowner

Follow these tips for a successful concrete countertop project.

Glidden Diamond Paint – Today’s Homeowner

High-quality paint usually comes with a high price tag. Glidden's Diamond Paint offers exceptional washability, durability and affordability.

Tip for Cleaning Pet Hair Off Upholstered Furniture – Today’s Homeowner

Joe Truini with dog
Use disposable rubber gloves to wipe pet fur off upholstered furniture.

Home Improvement for the Holidays – Today’s Homeowner

Home Improvement for the Holidays
We help the Lemieux family decorate with some unique projects, including holiday display shelves and DIY topiary trees, while offering a few handy tips for decorating and storage.

How to Revitalize Hardwood Floor – Today’s Homeowner

Most pre-finished wood floors are sealed with polyurethane, and the polymers in the revitalizer will fill in the small scratches and cover the floor with a thin protective coating. Here's how to apply the revitalizer.

DIY Holiday Topiaries – Today’s Homeowner

DIY Holiday Topiaries
To make your own holiday topiary, you'll need a tomato cage, a pot, some garland, lights and decorations.